How many times has Messi won the Champions League?

How many times has Messi won the C1 championship during his football career? Can this individual player lift the elephant ear trophy again? The answer is in the article below.

How many times has Messi won C1 during his career?

The answer is 4 times. Of course, these championships all came when he was still playing for the home team Camp Nou. It was Tiki Taka’s peak period for Barcelona to win this tournament consecutively.

The times Messi was crowned champion of the European Cup

How many times has Messi won the C1 championship during his career? The answer is 4 times. However, what are the championship years and details of those championships? The content below will give you the answer.

Messi won the C1 Cup with Barcelona in 2006

How many times has Messi won the C1 championship and the answer is 4, the first time he won it was in 2006. Frank Rijkaard was the captain of the Catalan team that year with the basic formation of the Tiki Taka playing style.

The first time he won the championship, Messi was registered as a supporting pair for Ronaldinho and Deco in 2006. At that time, he wore shirt number 19 and did not participate in the quarter-finals because he was young and injured.

The Champions League in 2009 was different, Messi was now a superstar of world football. He scored the decisive goal in the 70th minute, helping Barcelona win against Manchester United, who at that time had an even squad and was led by Ferguson. He was also the best player in that year’s final as voted by the fans themselves.

Hero of 2011 in his 3rd championship

Champions League 2011, Messi ended the season with 14 goals, winning the top scorer title and being the best player in the final. The Catalan team continued to defeat Manchester United in the final with the Tiki Taka style that had formed under Pep Guardiola.

Last time in 2015

You already know how many times Messi has won the C1 championship – four times – but surprisingly, the last time he won the tournament was in 2015. After nine years, this superstar has yet to lift the elephant ear trophy once more. That year, Barcelona won 3-1 against Juventus to win the C1 Cup.

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The records that Messi has in the European Cup C1

Before moving to the US to play for Inter Miami, this Argentine superstar scored 129 goals in 161 matches in the C1 Cup. In the Barcelona shirt, he scored 120 goals, and at Paris Saint-Germain since 2019, he scored 9 goals.

Although he is not the player who has won the most C1 Cups in history, La Pulga is clearly a legend of the tournament. Below are the records that this superstar holds.

Player with the most hat-tricks for a team while competing in the UEFA Champions League (8 hat-tricks in Barcelona colors)

The oldest player (35 years and 123 days) scored 2 goals and assisted 2 times in a European Cup match.

Highest scorer from outside the box in this tournament (22 goals)

First player to reach 80 goals in Champions League matches.

The record holder of the European Cup will not be able to lift this trophy a fifth time.

Does Messi still have a chance to win the C1 Cup?

How many times did Messi win C1? You have the answer, and it is evident in what years. Does the superstar who won the 2022 World Cup with Argentina still have a chance to win the C1 Cup? The answer is definitely no because he moved to PSG to play in the hope of creating a fifth championship with Neymar and Mbappe.

However, the wealthy French team with a series of converging stars has not helped PSG get the elephant ear trophy. In the PSG shirt, Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar created a destructive trio that only reached round ⅛ and the quarter-finals but could not go deeper.

La Pulga has moved to the US to play, and at 38, his chances of winning the European Cup are almost certainly gone. With 4 times lifting the trophy, that will be superstar Messi’s last achievement in Europe.

How many times has Messi won the C1 championship during his football career? The answer is 4. That will also be the last number this player can reach without having a chance to win the tournament for the 5th time.

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